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The Importance of a Termite Bond

The Importance of a Termite Bond

Homeowners and those who are still hunting for a new house must be aware of just how dangerous termites can be. Looking at termites pictures they may seem very tiny insects. But, they are small enough to destroy one’s house. Termites are insects who want to live underground. They may be small but they can build tunnels where they can store their food. Unfortunately, they are a bunch of picky eaters who do not want to eat anything else but wood. Yes, wood is their favorite food and if your house is made of wood you should be alarmed. If termites exist in forests they would look for dead trees for their food. And, if they are living in your house they will have your wood foundation, decking, ceiling joists and floors and perhaps any other wooden objects in your house. This sounds like your house is one big “all-you-can-eat” treat for them. But, for you it would sound like one big disaster. The good news is that there are ways to get rid of these unwelcome guests in your house. You may call those professionals to perform termite treatments and sign up for a termite bond, or you may resort to a do-it-yourself termite control.

Before Buying a House

Termites have to be controlled and eliminated the second you discover them. Otherwise, they will continue to multiply rapidly. This is why a termite bond has to be purchased no matter how old or new your property can be. Before buying a house one has to hire professionals to conduct a thorough termite inspection. Anyone who plans to buy a house should not sign a purchase contract if a termite inspection is not yet performed. This is to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money upon purchasing the house.

Conducting a Termite Inspection

When pest control experts conduct home inspections they will directly look into the different areas of the house where termites love to dwell. However, in some countries home inspections will not be conducted during the month of April because this is the time of the year when termites would swarm and remain hiding inside the wood. Guess what these termites are doing inside the wood? They are enjoying every moment of their wood meal. During the inspection, termite inspectors will search for those prospective areas for termite tunnels in and around your house. The inspectors will then submit a report to the homeowner detailing the gravity of the damage being done by termites. This report will also state the recommendations of the best termite treatment for your home. After the first termite treatment is done, the pest control company will then offer the homeowner a termite bond.

What is a Termite Bond?

A termite bond is a kind of contract wherein the pest control company and the homeowner agrees that when termites are found living in the house within the duration of the said bond, the pest control company will treat them free of charge. However, not all termite exterminators or pest control companies offer termite bonds. The cost as well as the terms of a termite bond may vary in each company.

A termite bond is not only available to new homeowners.  Those existing homeowners who have their house found to be infested with termites may also have the option to sign a termite bond. In most cases, a termite bond would require homeowners to pay an annual fee. Other people may find this termite bond to be expensive but, knowing just how damaging these termites can be it would surely be a wise investment.

Benefits of Signing up for a Termite Bond

In a termite bond, the pest control company guarantees that if the house will be found to have termite activity again during an inspection the house will be treated for no fee anymore. Should there be any damages caused by this new termite activity, some companies would offer to shoulder the expenses for repair as stated in their termite repair bond. Most of the time, the cost of house repair is quite expensive for some homeowners. This is why they would prefer to pay for such fee in a termite bond.