Got Bugs? Company

Got Bugs? Company

Got Bugs? has been successfully eliminating landscape pests in the Atlanta area and has built a reputation on being reliable, honest and diligent in all of our pest control services. From termite control to combating spiders, scorpions and weevils, we have customized pest control applications that will keep your home and family protected. Whatever pest you’re dealing with, Got Bugs? has the expertise and the treatments to effectively eliminate the pest and help you get back to business as usual around your home. Call Got Bugs? today and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experienced pest control specialists.

Got Bugs? Pest Control

Living in the Atlanta area, there are numerous pests than can invade our landscapes and homes. Our Got Bugs? pest control experts have experience dealing with everything from spiders and scorpions to fire ants and fleas. No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with, Got Bugs? has a pest control solution for your pest problem. Call today and find out why we’re the number one pest control company in the Atlanta area! Call Got Bugs? today!

Got Bugs? Termite Control

Termite damage is often heartbreaking to a homeowner. If the damage is extensive, the repairs can cost thousands of dollars, if the home is able to be repaired at all. Don’t let termites force you into financial ruin; call the termite control pros at Got Bugs? today! Expert technicians that know where to look for termite activity have liquid termite solutions that will slowly eliminate the entire colony. Do the best thing for your home by calling Got Bugs? today!

Got Bugs? Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are often the only reason the party moves indoors around dusk. Keep the party alive outside with the help of the mosquito control specialists at Got Bugs?! We have seasonal and short-term mosquito control solutions to fit your individual needs. Put away the Calamine lotion and party the night away with one call to Got Bugs?!