Flea Pest Control and Treatments

Flea Pest Control and Treatments

Flea control is necessary both for the health and comfort of pets and for the humans. Fleas – small, wingless, bloodsucking insects – are annoying and can spread disease.

These parasites jump and attach themselves onto warm-blooded animal pets, including cats, dogs, humans, rodents and birds, flea control is done by the use of integrated flea management.

Flea Control – Why Is It Necessary?

Flea control is vital in your fight against flea infestations and the nasty things the parasites carry with them (disease). To control is to ‘prevent growth and spread ‘. With little or no flea control, your home, yard, pets and even yourselves can become targets for fleas.

Flea Control – PreventionTo prevent fleas establishing themselves near you, take the appropriate means prior to flea season.

Control your yard by treating it with powder, use repellents where you can, thoroughly sanitise and vacuum the home (especially where any pets dwell) and make sure you have every angle covered. It is much more pleasant to do it this way round, than have to treat and exterminate an infestation further down the line.

Before your flea control treatment:

  • Remove all items from floors and closets and under beds
  • Vacuum all carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly
  • Discard pet bedding
  • Clean all non-carpeted floors by moppingFor continued flea control in Perth:
  • Vacuum daily to pick up adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Insert an anti-flea device into the vacuum bag to prevent the insects from developing within the machine
  • Discard vacuum bag when done
  • Replace pet bedding
  • Natural Treatments
  • There are also Natural Treatments available for your cats and dogs. Just be sure to consult your veterinarian regarding them.
  • We recommend you maintain an annual pest service.