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Best Termiticide Products and How They Work

Best Termiticide Products and How They Work

Termites have been causing so much trouble to wooden structures all around the world – especially subterranean termites. It has been said that termites have caused more damage compared to fires and it all accounts to billions of dollars per year paying for termite control services and buying various termiticide/insecticide products.

A huge sum of $11 billion is spent for termite damages in the United States alone yearly. The situation is somewhat alarming and we should do something about it before everything gets worst.

What are Termites?

Before anything else, let us first understand what termites really are. Termites are tiny wood destroying insects. They feed on wood to get cellulose and process it to become energy. There are three different types of termites: damp wood, dry wood and subterranean termites. All of which are found living on the soil because they need moisture to sustain life.

Their main attractions are food sources like dead branches, barks, firewood and even wood processed materials like cardboards, papers, etc. They are also attracted to water that gives moisture to their environment. Our houses are really vulnerable to these devastating pests but one can prevent them and they can also be treated.

Termite Pest Control

To prevent devastating termite damages, conduct a termite inspection every quarter to monitor early termite signs and apply the appropriate actions. Termites dwell in these areas:

  • Corners (termites love corners)
  • Ceilings
  • Voids and cracks on walls
  • Basements
  • Staircases
  • Doorframes

You can buy various do-it-yourself (DIY) termiticide products in your local stores and do the work yourself. The instructions are included on the product. There are liquid termiticides, baits, traps, sprays, foams and many more. You can choose whatever you want. You can also buy them on the internet stores.

However, it is really best to seek advice from termite control experts. They have dedicated much of their time to dealing with termites just to give the best help they could offer. They are very knowledgeable and they know every appropriate solution to various termite situations. They know the best termiticide products available on market from which they are the only ones authorized to use.

Best Termiticide Products

There are absolutely lots of termiticide brands that are sold globally. However, some of the most prestigious brands standout: Termidor, Premise termiticide, Dominion 2/termite and Phantom termiticide. Every manufacturer has gained reputation because of the efficacy of their products.

Termidor, Premise, Phantom and Dominion 2L have similarities in the way they approach termites. They are both applied to the soil to act as a barrier. In addition, they can also be ingested by termites and can be transferred via physical contact. This is also called the “transfer effect” or “secondary kill”. All products are also tasteless, odorless and non-repellant. In other words, they don’t act as a repellant wherein they just drive away termites. Instead, they kill termites which come in contact with the chemical.

Termidor has an active ingredient called Fipronil that disrupts termite’s central nervous system which poisons them and kills them slowly. This gives them more time to interact with other termites and pass the substance to kill others too. In some instances, it can eliminate the whole colony in just a matter of days. On the other hand, Dominion 2L and Premise termite control has the substance called Imidacloprid that is used on insecticide sprays and seed treatment. It has the same characteristics to that of the Fipronil which disrupts their nervous system. Lastly, Phantom termite control has an active ingredient called Chlorfenapyr which can also be a good insecticide for ants and cockroaches. This allows them to stop eating until they die out of starvation.

Dominion 2L is manufactured by Control Solutions, Premise is manufactured by Bayer while Termidor and Phantom termiticides are both manufactured by BASF Corporation. All the products mentioned can be bought on local stores and on the internet. You can also use your favorite search engines to access more information to every product – read their efficacy and testimonials. You can also refer to other termiticide products on the internet.

However, you should be aware that all termiticides are considered hazardous to humans. The chemical ingredients mentioned above poses health risks in various conditions. It should only be used by professionals. Moreover, ensure that the approaches and methods used by your pest control service company are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to avoid water contamination.