Bemis Humidifiers

Bemis Humidifiers

Why we love Bemis Humidifiers

  • Natural preventive measure—no chemicals or drugs.
  • Evaporative wick retains minerals and delivers clean, natual moisture.
  • Quiet operation—no belts, pulleys or wheels.
  • No white dust on furniture and carpets.
  • 1 year warranty—Bemis backs their product.
  • Light and portable, it can be moved from room to room and its compact size fits discreetly into any decor.

Bemis Humidifiers

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Home Humidifiers

In order to keep your home dust mite and allergy protected, the humidity needs to be adjusted so that it is not too dry or too moist—between 40% and 50% is ideal. It is easy to measure with a humidity gauge and make adjustments when needed to keep it consistent.

Dry air can complicate your sinus conditions and inflame tender nasal membranes causing nosebleeds and irritating sensitive skin. When the heat is on in winter, the air is particularly dry and can cause coughing, itchy eyes and increased asthma symptoms. A room humidifier can help by restoring a healthy level of moisture in the air.

Read more about how to control mold and mildew in your home.

Bemis humidifiers are the most reliable, quiet and cleanest operating brand of home humidifiers on the market. We know—we’ve tested them all. The units are small and portable, allowing you flexibility of usage. A single tank unit adds sufficient moisture for an average size room and the double tank units are great for larger areas.

Many humidifiers blow water directly into the air. Bemis uses a wick system which prevents water from settling on furniture and floors and eliminates white dust build-up on furniture.

We encourage our customers who purchase a home humidifier to use a Bacteria Treatment to keep the water clean, bacteria and mold free. Keeping your home at the right moisture level will help you breathe easier.