Bed Bug Pest Control Treatments

Bed Bug Pest Control Treatments

Bed Bugs In Sydney

Bed Bugs are found around the world and has co existed with humans for thousands of years they are transported through travelers’ luggage or used furniture, and usually ends up in areas where you do not sleep too far away from your bed.

They feed on warm blood from humans and may also feed on pets.

The use of insecticides has been helping to control the attacks over the years and this has helped to reduce cases even if they still exist.

Hygiene and well maintained facilities can help with the vacuuming and sealing of gaps to cracks in walls and floors to reduce areas where they can hide.

If you suspect you have bed bugs have an inspection is essential, so a harsher treatment plan can be explained to you and run as fast as possible.

Description: 4-5 mm long, oval-shaped body and is a rusty brown in color.

They have a flat body. After a blood meal is more reddish in color and more oval shaped.

Female may lay hundreds of eggs in a life span of up to 12 months. The young people will come out of the shell up to five times after they hatch to reach adulthood. A blood meal between each moult is necessary to achieve development.

The life cycle from egg to adult can be as short as 50 days, depending on the circumstances and source of food availability.

The bedbug usually feed a couple of hours before dawn and go back to his hiding in a crack or crevice or furniture and mattresses.

Skin sheds and excreta on sheets sometimes a smell can also be found on the infestation is high.

Bites is a result of bed bug inject an anticoagulant that can cause serve irritation of his victims. The irritations make people itch that then causes an infection.

Serious infestations may require insecticide treatment.

Hire an experienced pest control professional.

They have access to the most effective products.Apply insecticides to cracks, crevices, baseboards, and bed frames but not directly to mattresses or bedding. Use special dusts for wall voids and other out-of-the-way spots.Insecticides alone won’t control bed bugs. Remove infested materials, and seal hiding spots.Inspect after treatment to be sure bugs are gone.