Allergy Treatment

Allergy Treatment

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If you are one of the 31 million sufferers of sinus congestion and infection, you know how painful it can be. You may have pain around your eyes, headaches, a constant cough, congestion, sore throat or just feel tired or feverish.

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There is a lot you can do to get sinus pressure relief without taking medication. Saline irrigation and steam treatments can help clean and moisturize your sinus and nasal passages, reducing inflammation and helping you breathe easier.

Swiss engineers at SinuPulse have patented the first technology to combine a pulsating cleansing rinse and a gentle spray mist to give you sinus infection refief naturally. Simple and easy to use, it takes only a few minutes to use. We have tested them all, and this is the most effective sinus relief system on the market today.

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At Allergy Relief Stores, we know how much you love your pets. Even though their dander can cause uncomfortable allergy symptoms, even asthma, we will endure it rather than let go of our best friend.

There is a way to help. Bathing your pet with allergy reducing solutions will help reduce dander and the irritants it contains.

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Allersearch Pet contains a cleansing detergent that allows you to effectively and safely remove and neutralize allergenic dander, protect from fleas and ticks, destroy pet odor without added perfumes, and clean and condition your pet`s sensitive skin.

Simple Solution lotion is a protein conditioner that coats the pet allergen contained in dander. It conditions the skin so that less hair and dander is shed between treatments. Take care of your best friend, and yourself too.