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All You Need to Know about Western Pest Services

All You Need to Know about Western Pest Services

Different kinds of pests have always been a problem of homeowners and building managers. These pests invade our home and properties. They can destroy them and cost us hundreds to thousands of dollars. Sometimes to save money, the homeowners themselves tackle the problem of pest control. However, it can be a tricky endeavor because we might be causing more harm than good. Sure we can save a few bucks but are we sure that the pest control that we did is as effective? Sometimes it is best that we let the expert pest control company handle this kind of problem. If you are living near the New Jersey area, one of the reliable pest control company is the Western Pest Control.

Western Pest Services is a trusted name in the pest control industry. It was founded by J.E. Sameth in 1928. He predicted that pest control has a big potential as a business that he asked his family to move from West Virginia to New Jersey. During the start of the company all the family members helped out.

The company uses the Integrated Pest Management. This means that they thoroughly study the pest control in terms of its effect to the consumers and industry. They do not just kill the pests but they look at all the factors that can affect the whole scheme of things.

The Western Pest Services was ranked 8th largest pest control company in the industry.  It is now acquired by Rollins Inc.

Pest Removal – A Thing of the Past

Western Pest Services’ tagline is “Since 1928, they are the pest’s worst nightmare.” This western pest control company has been giving quality service since it was established. They believe in making the customers satisfied by eradicating the pests as best as they can.

Western Pest Services do not just use established methods, they consistently do research in developing ways on how to get rid of different pests. They use state of the art technology and make sure that they follow regulations to ensure quality service to the customers.

Exterminators and all the staff of Western Pest Services are given trainings so that they will continue to be knowledgeable about the different pest control services of the company. Aside from that the pest control company also stresses safety to all its employees. This means that they do not tolerate below par performance from their employees whether they are customer service representatives or exterminators.

Available Pest Control Services

The goal of the company is to be of service to all customers who may be experiencing pest problems. That is why the make sure that they have branches to key places where pests may be rampant. Their pest control services are available for home pest control and commercial pest control.

The company can also boast that although they use some chemicals in getting rid of the pests, they make sure that it is environmentally safe for humans and other animals. Each exterminator is trained on how to expertly handle the chemicals and other materials necessary for the pest eradication.

One of their pest control services is the termite protection. Everyone knows that termites are the number one headache of most homeowners because of how swiftly they can damage our homes. If you choose the Western Pest Services then you can be assured that you termite problems will be a thing of the past. They use a well designed termite treatment program that can work well in getting rid of termites.

Another service that they offer is mosquito control. We all know the mosquito bites can be a dangerous thing. It can lead to several diseases like dengue and malaria. That is why it is also imperative that mosquitoes and their breeding places should be eradicated. The Western Pest Services ways of eradicating mosquitoes are innovative and will guarantee that the mosquito population will greatly decrease and you can feel safe again without the added worry of mosquito born diseases.

One of the things that can bother us at night is the bed bugs. This can be also a big problem to most homeowners. Western Pest Services make sure that thorough inspection is made to find the bed bugs problem. They suggest that the earlier detection of these pesky pests can help you sleep better at night. Western Pest Services promise is that bedbugs cannot escape their methods of locating them by using bedbugs sniffing dogs. They believe that this is the most effective way of finding the bedbugs.

Western Pest Services has indeed gone a long way from a family owned pest control company to a force to be reckoned with in the pest control industry. They would not have reached the success they have if not for the dedication and hard work of all the member of this pest control company.